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Posted on July 11, 2019 by Anne Rusher

RushCo loves to show off our results! Here are before and after photos of a recent install by RushCo. Our customer had a 20+ year old system using R22 refrigerant with a SEER rating equivalent to 7 in today’s standards. Our customer upgraded from an R22 refrigerant system to a new Amana Condenser and Furnace using 410A refrigerant.

Customer had 20+ year old condenser system using R22 refrigerant.

Rust in drain pan and condensate line from previous water leaks.

Poorly insulated metal ducts sitting on top of furnace and coil.

Tight access with original ducts from when the house was originally built.

Old disconnect and whip.

RushCo's New Installation

New 5 Ton, 14 SEER Amana condenser with 410A refrigerant

Progress picture showing the removal of pre-existing metal duct and transition to new flex duct.

New return plenum for re-attachment to new flex duct.

 New condenser, disconnect and whip

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