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RushCo Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help protect equipment warranties, lengthen the life of your equipment and help maintain efficient operation. This can mean saving money by reducing or eliminating repairs. RushCo recommends bi-annual preventative maintenance to be done on each unit. 

Rushco offers a Discount Club Maintenance Agreement (DCM) for homeowner peace of mind.  

The DCM includes:
•    19-point “precision tune-up” twice a year on your unit(s)
•    15% Discount on flat-rate book of repairs
•    Priority Customer Response – You go to the head of the schedule before non-DCM members
•    DCMs are transferrable to the next owner
•    24-Hr. Emergency Service
•    Never an Overtime Charge

What we do on each visit?
•    Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly
•    Clean Ignition Assembly
•    Clean Heat Exchanger or Elements
•    Monitor Flue Draft
•    Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
•    Test Starting Capabilities
•    Test Safety Controls
•    Clean or Replace Air Filters
•    Clean and Adjust Blower Components
•    Measure for Correct Air Flow
•    Tighten Electrical Connections
•    Measure Volts/Amps on Motors
•    Lubricate all Moving Parts
•    Adjust Thermostat Calibration
•    Clean Condenser Coil
•    Clean Condensate Drains
•    Measure Temperature Difference
•    Apply Protective Coating to Outside Unit
•    Visually Inspect Ductwork