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Do you need to Replace your unit?

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Sometimes, the best solution for your home is to replace the system.  RushCo offers a wide selection of environmentally responsible air conditioners so that we can provide the perfect solution for your home and budget! 

Here is a good rule of thumb to help you make your decision on replacing your system:

 When the age of the equipment times the cost of the repair equals 90% of a full unit replacement cost, new equipment is justified.

Who do you want in your home replacing your system?

  • RushCo does not subcontract its AC installations out to a third party. Our experienced and certified technicians are the ones who will install your new system.

  • RushCo Residential Services gets a city permit on all jobs. Homeowners may rest assured that the replacement meets your city’s code. Your city’s inspector will look over the completed installation and pass it with a “green” tag—hassle-free!

  • We offer a variety of excellent systems at differing price-points.

  • Remember, we will use your service call diagnostic price towards the replacement cost. Call us for a quote!