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​​​​​​​AC Replacement

Being a “specialist” means someone is highly skilled in a specific field. At RushCo Energy Specialists, we specialize in energy! In a typical home your cooling and heating system consumes approximately 47% of the total energy used. Imagine what your energy bill could be if that were lowered 40%?!           

Sometimes, the best solution for your home is to replace the system. RushCo offers a wide selection of environmentally responsible air conditioners so that we can provide the perfect solution for your home and budget! 

Here is a good rule of thumb to help you make your decision on replacing your system:

When the age of the equipment times the cost of the repair equals 90% of a full unit replacement cost, new equipment is HIGHLY recommended.
When it comes time to replace your heating and cooling equipment the specialists here at RushCo will see to it that the air conditioning system you get is the best system possible for your home. We have a variety of options to choose from and also offer easy financing on site, or you can apply easily from the comfort of your own home. 

When our highly skilled technicians are at your home, you can rest easy knowing that when they complete your installation, your home and lawn will be left in the same condition as when they started. Our technicians are seasoned professionals that are drug tested, background checked, licensed, and continuously trained in order to serve you better. Beyond that, you’ll know you are having your install done with a company that is professional, fully licensed, bonded and insured. 

  • RushCo does not subcontract its AC installations out to a third party. Our experienced and certified technicians are the ones who will install your new system.
  • RushCo Residential Services gets a city permit  on all jobs. Homeowners may rest assured that the replacement meets your city’s code. Your city’s inspector will look over the completed installation and pass it with a “green” tag—hassle free!
  • We offer a variety of excellent systems at differing price-points.
  • Remember, we will use your service call diagnostic price towards the replacement cost. 

 Call RushCo today at 817-267-5155 for a free estimate or second opinion on a new air conditioner.

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